Why Good Photography Costs

Family Photography from Special Events

Photography services often come with sticker shock. How can it cost so much to hire a guy to snap a few photos? After all, if you’re on social media, you’re taking and uploading photographs all day long. 

It turns out that there’s more to photography than meets the eye. Yes, photographers are there snapping photos of you, your products, or whatever else you want them for, but a lot is going on in the background too. 

Amateur Photographer with Amateur Skills

Training Professional Photographers Is Expensive

First, training decent photographers takes a long time. Give the average person a camera and tell them to go out and do a shoot, and they’ll almost always come back with poor results. Professional photography is an art, so it takes a while to bring people up to standard.

Furthermore, training isn’t free. People put years of their lives into it: time that they could have spent earning money. They want a reward at the end of it: hence higher prices. 

There A Lot Of Hidden Hours

Second, there’s a heck of a lot of work that goes on in the background after once the shoot is over. 

Take editing, for instance. Editing takes a lot of time. While modern software provides photographers with a plethora of tools, it’s not automatic. They still have to tell the program what they want manually, which means a lot of fiddling around by hand. It’s by no means easy. 

Then there’s the cost of the software. Most photographers use Adobe products, like Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop. For many, Adobe is the best in the business, but it’s also mightily costly. Photographers, therefore, often have to pass on their costs to their clients. 

Processing takes time too. Transferring negatives to paper is often labour-intensive work. 

Time Is Money

Camera cost

Finally, there’s the cost of the consultation. 

Consultations are vital. They’re a chance for customers to communicate their needs to their photographers to ensure that they get the service that they want. 

Communication, however, takes time – and it’s not always easy. Translating the vision that you have in your head into words that a photographer understands is more challenging than you might think. It’s not automatic. 

Professional photographers have interesting and unique ways to get around this. Visualisations, portfolio examples and storyboards can all help, but there’s no getting around the absolute necessity of sitting down and hammering out your needs before the shoot gets underway,  

As with any other profession, time is money, so consultations are expensive, even if they just feel like you’re having a chat. 

The bottom line for why professional photography in Hemel Hempstead costs is this: you’re not just paying a photographer for the time that they spend with you on the shoot, but also their travel costs and the time that they spend editing too. For every hour that a photographer spends with you, they’re probably working another two serving your needs. So while paying £50 per hour might sound steep, when you break it down, you’re often getting a lot of value for money. 

Save on an In The Frame Session

As we’ve explained – there’s a lot of good reasons for our prices, and we’re not afraid of charging them (even though we are below the market standard). But we still understand that every little helps for our clients… and who doesn’t love a bargain!

Until December 19th 2019 we will be offering great savings on our gift vouchers!! Pick your discount and enjoy the shoot whenever you like:

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Family Photography: How has photography changed?

Family photography and portraits are nothing new. When cameras were first available, those families that could afford to would often have family portraits taken. As the years have gone by, families have got together to take photos in both formal or informal situations. But has the simplicity of getting photos reduced their significance? Do you still make time and effort to ensuring you have an up to date family portrait?

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Paint Splash Photography Sessions

If you haven’t heard of paint splash and cake smash photo shoots then prepare to be enthralled with this super fun and enjoyable experience for your toddler! Every parent spends hours of their life trying to capture that perfect candid image of their little cutie. You know they have a bubbly personality and fabulous sense of humour, but you can never seem to capture those moments by yourself. With our splash and smash photo shoots you will have an array of funny, cute and memorable images to share with all the family.

Hunter in his paint splash photoshoot
Hunter’s Paintsplash Session

Natural, Funny and Authentic Photographs

Our cake smash photo shoots have been popular with parents for many years. Not only will you have a good time laughing at your little one being let loose with a cake, but you will also have a variety of natural and comedic images to take home with you. Our brand new paint splash shoot is just as fun too; choose your colour scheme and let your toddler run wild making a mess on a blank white canvas background.

A Fun and Enjoyable Experience

This isn’t your typical, uptight photoshoot environment. Your child will genuinely feel at ease as soon as they walk through our doors. Traditionally, cake smash photo shoots are to commemorate your child’s first birthday, so why not treat it as a fun experience for them too? Usually, this will be their first taste of sugar which causes a tonne of excitement right away!

With our new and exciting paint splash shoot your toddler will be allowed to go wild with paint as they have never been allowed to before. Sit back and watch the excitement on their faces as they splash, splatter and smudge different colours all around them. Not only is this a great way to make lifelong memories with your baby, but it will also be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience right from the start.

There are truly no rules for our paint splash and cake smash photo shoot; your little one rules the roost!

Top Tips for Your Splash and Smash Shoot

When you arrive at our studio you have the opportunity to get them all dressed up in their beautiful outfit. From smart bow ties to frilly frocks, be sure to choose a cute ensemble that matches their personality. Before your little one is immersed into the messy madness you have the option of a clean photo shoot beforehand if you wish. This will give you a chance to capture their smile before they are smudged head to toe in paint!

Once the photo shoot has commenced the power is in your toddler’s hands and they dictate the shoot.

We will provide a tonne of helpful accessories to give your baby plenty of fun along the way. We also provide a bath to clean up afterwards so you don’t need to worry about bundling your messy baby back into the car!

Contact Us Today!

So get in touch with our friendly team at In The Frame today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our paint splash or cake smash photo shoots.

Special Introductory Offer!

1 hour photo shoot, up to 5 edited digital images


You can buy additional digital images, prints and other products. Password protected online viewing gallery. Images edited (within 7-10 days).  All prices are displayed as guidelines only. For a personal quote, please get in touch.


  • Bring a couple of outfits, just in case
  • If your little one isn’t keen on messy hands, plastic utensils and brushes can make great play tools

  • Relax. We’ll clean up all the mess later, so just enjoy the moment so your little one can too

Why You Need Professional Headshots

Entrepreneurs and creatives will all understand the power of brand image when it comes to running a business. Although many people believe that your skills, education and knowledge are the first things employers look at, it might actually be your professional headshot that grabs their attention. People can make a snap judgment about you in around two to five seconds, so why wouldn’t you want to look smart and polished in your online profile? Professional headshots are a surefire way to ensure you are taken seriously in your industry, so consider adding some to your portfolio and increase your credibility.


The Advantages of a Polished Image

Did you know that more than 40% of the UK workforce has a side hustle? Whether you are an actor, estate agent, agency worker, writer or online business owner, there are many reasons why a professional headshot from In The Frame could help you to improve your brand image.

If you are a member of an agency you are just another name in a pool of people. When you have a professional headshot to go alongside your CV and career history, it will be much more appealing to potential employers. Although you may not think the image is the most important element in your career, it can give it a much-needed boost when work is slow or sales are low.

A professional and polished image also shows people that you are serious about what you do. When you go to the lengths to share a portrait of yourself it means you are proud of the work you have achieved and you don’t mind people knowing who you are. A polished picture rather than a fuzzy amateur one or a blank space will really show that you care.


The Difference Between Professional and Amateur Headshots

At the moment your profile picture on LinkedIn or another business platform might be you out with friends in a pub or at a family wedding. Is that giving off the reliable and professional persona you want to portray? You want to capture yourself in the best light with a neutral, white background. Employers and potential clients are much more likely to hire a person who has a professional online presence.

If you are running your own business it is also important to capture your personality in your headshot. Well lit, natural and high-quality portraits from InThe Frame will improve the slick and sophisticated vibe of any entrepreneur website. People enjoy putting a face to a name, so this will allow them to connect with you as soon as they click onto your site or social profile.


Professional Headshots Are Priceless

All in all, the success of your career might rest on a set of clean, approachable, friendly and professional headshots. A good headshot will convey invaluable information about your character, work ethic and brand image so book an appointment at In The Frame today. Our head photographer Roisin would be glad to chat with you and talk about your needs and preferences today!

Josh’s Photos

The photos we’ve showcased in this article are of Josh Thompson – a local entrepreneur who operates 3 businesses. Like many – his started out as a primary job and side hustle, then grew. To avoid his businesses becoming nameless, faceless organisations, Josh came to Roz to have his headshots taken. Not only did she showcase him, but helped create individualised looks to suit each brand he represents.

Being a person who really hates their photo being taken, I was incredibly nervous about having headshots done for my businesses! Not only did Roz make me feel relaxed, she also made me laugh (a lot!). Professional, incredibly talented and seriously down to earth. If you are looking to take your business to another level, especially if you don’t like your own photo, Roz is the person to see!

Arrange Your Session

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Headshot sessions are available from just £35 with additional images priced at £15 each.



Why mini sessions are worth booking

5 Reasons Why Mini Sessions Are Useful

As the name suggests, mini sessions are the less time-consuming version of regular photo sessions. Mini sessions are mostly utilised in special events such as holidays and birthdays, where the family is hard pressed for time and wants to get things done in a jiffy. Make no mistake, the effort and creativity that go into mini sessions are just the same.

The photographer has to take care of a large group of people, edit stories, store pictures, and do plenty of follow-ups. Below are a few reasons why mini sessions are worth scheduling.

1. You Have a Small Family

Mini sessions are perfect for families who want to photograph five members or less. It is easier for small families to organise a photoshoot with the photographer, plus it’s not nearly as complicated. Since there are few people to manage in a controlled environment, mini sessions can often be more productive. It will still be necessary to guide the family members, but it will take very little time as opposed to a full-fledged photography session.

2. You Want to Update Your Family Portrait – Immediately

Mini sessions are ideal options for family members who haven’t updated their portfolio in almost a year. It saves them time and gets the job done. They can always focus on getting a more complete photography session at their leisure, for now, the important thing is to utilise the brief mini session to update your family portfolio.

3. You Are Not Ready to Commit to a Full Session

Most services offer bespoke packages for full photography sessions to accommodate the different budgets and needs of their clients. In many cases, clients simply want the bare minimum – a single good picture to update their social media. This neither requires a three-hour session, nor the price that it entails. And if that is what you want, then more power to you. A mini session will cover the basics, accomplish what you want, and put you on track for the full session.

4. Mini Sessions Are Simple and Easy to Follow Through

All the scheduling required for mini sessions, such as the venue, time, and date is already worked out. This saves families the hassle of doing a lot of guesswork, which may or may not pan out well. With mini sessions, all families have to do is simply show up for a few minutes, do as their photographer says, and voila. Plus it takes less processing time for the photographer to prepare your customised album and send it over to you in a matter of a few days.

5. Your Kids Are Still Very Small

Kids under the age of five are not easy to control, and this is true for both parents and photographers alike. This is why full sessions can be a bit frustrating for families because their kids struggle to comply with the photographer’s directions. Sometimes, a simple 30 minute-long mini session will give you enough time to capture the most picture-perfect memories that you are sure to treasure for years to come. 


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Photography Sessions with Roisin

Are you looking to get the most out of your camera?  Would you like to take photographs of display quality?  Maybe you’re considering a new hobby or career in photography?  Perhaps just learn to take pictures of your children without red-eye, shadows, or uneven cropping?  The Introductory Photography Training Session by In The Frame Photography Ltd.’s principal photographer – Roisin Gregory, is designed for you. 

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Maternity Photography

It is without a doubt that pregnancy is an amazing time for a woman. Not only are you creating a miracle, but you’re also going through changes, in more ways than one. For women expecting for the first time (or the fifth), the feeling of excitement and anticipation is unmistakable.

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Styled Photoshoots with Incredible Scenes

June saw In The Frame Photography Ltd’s Roisin (recently accredited Licentiateship in Photography with The Societies of Photographers ) shoot one of our most fascinating styled sessions to date.  Combining the talents of highly skilled models with the beautiful Matilda (caravan) against a backdrop of the great British countryside.  The end result was a session which produced images full of retro casual-glamour, colourful situational revelations, and a hint of bygone whimsey!

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The Appeal of Portraiture

Portrait Photography

It is because of the unique and personal connection that is captured with the subject that portrait photography is a long-standing favourite and an ever-popular choice for photographers far and wide. There is an alluring sense of going back to basics with a portrait shot. Depending on the type of portrait, there may be no props, and there are no large groups – merely the subject, and the photographer.  

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